2020 Last Day of Term 4 is:

Wednesday 9 December 2020

At 2pm the formal End of Year and Graduation Service will be held in Taikondi.    This is the school’s end of year Worship and Praise, plus the year 6 students will be acknowledged and farewelled in front of the whole school. 

All students will be involved in some way.  Students are to wear their formal summer school uniform  (except for foundation and year 1 students who will wear sports uniform).

Unfortunately this year due to Covid 19 we can only allow a limited number of parents / caregivers. The details of this we will need to leave until after the 1st December COVID updates. 

Never the less, we will film the service and share the link with all families.

Students will return to their class following the service and then will be dismissed at 3.25pm.



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