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Immanuel Lutheran School Gawler


Immanuel Lutheran School, Gawler is an Foundation to Year 7  
co-educational school of the Lutheran Church of Australia; providing a high quality education for those families seeking a Christian education for their children.
Facilitated by the Lutheran Parish of Gawler, the school began in 1985 and moved to its current site in 1986.

The school council , elected through the Immanuel Lutheran School Gawler Association Incorporated, is the governing body of the school responsible for vision and policy.

Our teachers are Christians with theological training and so reflect the values of our school.

‘Success is doing our best with the help of God’ is a motto that can be found on a pin board in each classroom. We work toward being successful in our relationships and our learning through being in touch with God in all things. Our behavior education supports children to make good choices and to restore positive relationships.

The values for Lutheran Schools and our International Baccalaureate learner profile are the frameworks that support the development of desirable and positive character traits. Our hopes and prayers are for future citizens with Christian and global perspectives.

Our curriculum is rich and undergoes constant reflection and development. Teachers focus on both content and pedagogy as the units of work are written and delivered.

An extensive learning and student support program provides for all students from gifted to those requiring extra help with the basics.

Learning to be successful

Each child is supported and encouraged, through the learning program of the school, to be successful in all that they do.
As a Christian school we learn that 'Success is doing your best with the help of God'. A banner displaying these words is placed in a prominant position in each learning area.

Our school focuses on being 'in community' as part of God's plan for us. Caring for each other and the world around us is part of the everyday learning experience. This is evident in our curriculum, as well as the co-curricula and extra-curricula activities that are planned.


As a lutheran school we promote and teach very particular life long values, assisting each child to be successful. These values were developed by our Lutheran Schools Association and are common to all of our Australian Lutheran Schools.

love - justice - compassion - forgiveness - courage - humility - hope - quality - appreciation

Leadership Program

As part of the preparation for the important transition to secondary school our senior students take part in a Leadership Program.

This program leads the children to think about what they stand for in relation to Christian values, life and community issues and making positive choices.

Our senior students have an opportunity to take part in the Young Leaders' Day in the city as a highlight of their learning.

Motivational speakers and excellent staff leadership also support the 'in school' program.

Each year 7 student has a staff member other than their own teacher as a personal mentor.

School Captains and leadership team offer leadership and support to other students. One vehicle for this is the Student Representative Council where environmental officers and safety officers from each class share their ideas. Captains lead these meetings, prepare regular newsletter items and encourage positive action in the school and communtiy.

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