Enrolment Handbook

Tuition Fees and any additional charges are determined each year by the School Council and take into consideration current costs and anticipated increases enabling the school to continue to deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences.

Every endeavour is made to keep the impact of cost increases for families to a minimum.

The school offers very attractive discounts for siblings including maintaining the sibling status after elder children in the family graduate from Immanuel.   We also offer 8% discount on tuition fees if they are paid in advance by the due date.

Attached is a copy of the ENROLMENT HANDBOOK which details the enrolment procedure, the 2018 fee schedule, the fee policy and other information.

 Enrolment Handbook 2018.pdf
 Enrolment Policy.pdf
 2018 Fee Policy & Agreement form.pdf
 Fees 2018.pdf


2018 School Fees are listed in the Enrolment Handbook.  (Attached)

Accounts will be posted to families before the end of 2017 and full payment option or first instalment payment option is due 12/1/2018.

School Card 2018
As a result of the National Better Schools Plan funding arrangements it is now the responsibility of non-government schools to determine the value of financial assistance to be provided to parents and how this will be administered.  Our school has chosen to continue to use the School Card application process as an independent assessment for fee support. 

2018 application forms will be available at the start of the new school year. Once confirmation has been received of your eligibility for School Card (at our school),  then a Rebate of 30% will be applied to Tuition Fees and a further Rebate of 30% will also be applied to Camp Fees.

Click on the link below to go to the Government School Card site and download the application forms or submit online. 


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