Dear families 

Due to the current COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS we not not allowing students to borrow books and take home.   We are allowing them to read in the Library and use in their classroom.

We will revert to the following procedure when safe to do so.  Thanks.  



To help the library function effectively, some new borrowing rules have been put into place. 

1.  Borrowing Limits
 Students in years F-3 may borrow three books at a time.
 Students in years  4-7 may borrow four books at a time. If students have currently exceeded this limit, they will not be able to borrow more books until they return their current loans.
2. Borrowing Periods
 The borrowing period for all loans is two weeks. If books are not returned or renewed within the fortnight they will be considered overdue.
3. Renewals
 Loans may be renewed for an additional two weeks, unless the book has been reserved by another student. This means that the maximum borrowing time for students is four weeks.
4. Overdue notices
 Overdue notices will be sent out weekly on a Friday.
 Students will still be allowed to borrow books if they have overdue loans, provided they do not exceed their borrowing limit. Please encourage your child to return books by their due date so that other children have the opportunity to borrow them.
5. Extended Overdues
 If books remain overdue for more than 2 weeks, the student's borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue books are returned.

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