ICT at Immanuel  Immanuel Gawler & Zion Preschool 2018

ICT at Immanuel

At Immanuel students use technology as a tool for:

  • Engagement in learning experiences
  • Real world learning
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Differentiation and individualised learning

Our new video "This is IT " can be watched by clicking the link below. 
It showcases the use of IT and iPADs at Immanuel Gawler.
It was released October 2020.


One : One iPad Program for Students

One : One...
There is a One:One iPad program for Year 4-6 students at Immanuel Gawler.  (This began in 2019).  In the interests of improving student learning outcomes we have made digital devices more accessible to students. Please read the Parent Information Booklet below for further details.  

iPad Boot Camp

Information for parents/caregivers

Attached is information regarding the iPAD BOOT CAMP we have been running with our yr 4,5,6 students.   

Boot Camp aims to familiarise students with features of their iPads and raise awareness of some of the issues which can potentially arise when working, interacting and learning digitally.     

The Boot Camp presentation used at the recent Parent Information Sessions is saved below as a mp4 movie and a powerpoint.pptx.  (The links referred to in the presentation are only available via the powerpoint format.)  

The Boot Camp course materials document (below) provides a more detailed look at what students have been covering in Boot Camp.  

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