Parents and Friends Group Immanuel Gawler & Zion Preschool 2018

Parents and Friends Group

Mission Statement
“Providing a Positive and Friendly Community Beyond the Classroom”

  • Meeting people
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting the students and our school

The Immanuel Gawler Parents and Friends is a group working together for our school community to deliver experiences for students and their families outside of the classroom.  We work together to provide a friendly community that allows parents to be actively involved in the operation and culture of our school.

The P&F help deliver events that contribute to our children's growth.  Examples include a School Disco, a Cabaret, a Family Night / Extravaganza event.   We will occasionally provide a barbeque lunch for the children to provide something different and also cook the barbeque at our annual sports day.

These events are an opportunity to raise funds to provide a variety of equipment the school wouldn't normally have access to. Goals achieved to date include buying a barbeque for small events and a fun colourful rug for the preschool story time room. Our current goal is to raise funds to build a Friendship Seat that is designed for students who find themselves with no one to play with during their break. By sitting on the seat, a student will alert teachers and other students that they are having trouble finding someone to play with and students will be encouraged to include the student in their lunchtime activities.

Please feel free to join us at our next meeting at the time and date listed below. Join our friendly discussion about how we can meet our goals and help us define new goals that add to the positive experiences for everyone who are part of our schools community. We'd love to hear your ideas. You are welcome to review the minutes at the link below to see the topics we've discussed in the past.

If you can't join the group but would like to volunteer we'd really appreciate your help. Even an hour here and there helps a lot. Please send an email to and we'll keep you informed of volunteering opportunities. P&F welcome new families and parents to the group and welcome back returning ones.  When you see members of the P&F helping out, just come up and say hello.    


P&F Committee

2024 Meetings

Meetings will be advertised via the school Newsletter and weekly update. 

Meetings start at 7pm

In the Staffroom (or as advised)

A fun, social evening, meeting others, have a chat and coffee and support the school and the students.

All parents with an interest welcome to attend.

Meeting dates for the remainder of the year will be advertised in the schools Newsletter, via Monday email or via email invitation from P&F committee. 

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