Tuesday 13  February is Shrove Tuesday.    This refers to the last day before Ash Wednesday and is the last day before the period of Easter known as Lent. Traditionally Shrove Tuesday was a day for gluttonous celebrations to use up luxurious foods that many people would forgo during the Christian season of Lent.

Australians celebrate Shrove Tuesday as Pancake Day.   

Each year our school traditionally cooks pancakes for our students to eat.  This year Mr Will Knott  and members from Gawler Lutheran Church will be cooking pancakes on the BBQ in the morning from 8.00am to 8.50am for students and parents to sample.   There will be coffee and tea brewing for our parents too!   

Those with gluten and egg allergies are catered for with an appropriate alternative 'shake and bake' mix on the day. 

Thank you for your support.

Immanuel Gawler


Immanuel Gawler
Immanuel Lutheran College
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