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Lutheran Laypeoples League (LLL)

Securing our Future

Maintaining and developing the site to the highest standards requires ongoing development.

You could assist without actually donating or giving away any money.

By saving with the Lutheran Laypeoples League (LLL) and matching your savings to Immanuel’s development projects you enable the ongoing development of excellent facilities for your child or grandchild.

An LLL Personal Savings Account is a financial tool that earns you interest while also enabling you to support your church, school, or any other project of the LCA. How this is made possible is explained further in the section on Matching Deposits. What’s important is that your funds are always ‘at call’ so you always have access to your money when you need it.

You also have the facility of opening joint or individual accounts depending on your needs. Your savings account can be used to fulfil all sorts of requirements including saving for your child’s education, a holiday or retirement. You can open an account for any purpose.

LLL Savings Accounts can be accessed in a variety ways, click here.

Please read the Notice to Depositors in relation to depositing funds with the LLL.

To apply download the application form and mail it to us.

The concept of matching deposits is unique to the LLL and provides an ingenious way to support a particular project within the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). Once the approval process is complete, the project is able to borrow funds from the LLL to the total amount of matching deposits at the low interest of 5% p.a. with no application fees or any ongoing fees.

When compared to commercial lending rates and the fees imposed by financial institutions, LCA projects enjoy significant savings in interest payments. This enhances capital development and can facilitate a more rapid repayment schedule for the loan.

Key features

  • Matching deposits do not affect the status of your account.
  • Your funds are always available at call.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals as usual.
  • The account still earns interest as nominated by you.
  • Your instructions can be changed at any time by simply writing to the LLL.


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