Student Absences


If your child is absent, please send through the details via the new Operoo Form at this link

Alternatively, you can telephone the school absent line 85225740 (Option 2) by 9.30am.   Please do not email the class teacher or admin staff (as they maybe absent too).  

Should an absent day be planned please let your teacher know prior with a written note in the communication book or diary or via the form on Operoo.

This is a legal requirement.

Family Holidays

If a parent or guardian wishes to take a student of compulsory school age out of school for a family holiday an Exemption from School Enrolment/Attendance and Education Enrolment/Participation (ED175) and Fact sheet  must be completed and returned to our school office.  The Principal has authority to approve temporary exemptions; however month long exemptions are forwarded to the Central Delegate.  

These forms are available from the front office, or can be printed from the file below.

Further information can be downloaded from:

It is not reasonable to expect the teacher to plan a detailed programme for your child’s experience. Should this be your family’s choice please plan to:

1.    Enjoy the break
2.    Complete a travel journal including distance estimations and mapping and the like
3.    Keep up the regular reading, read road signs, travel brochures, etc.
4.    Take in cultural experiences
5.    Be prepared to make reasonable efforts to catch up on missed work

Please read further information at:

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