Friday 8 March 2019

GYMKHANA EVENT  - Ponies and kids everywhere!

Friday 8-3-19 9 Immanuel students participated in the Interschool Gymkhana at Trinity College. 
This is the 3rd year we have entered this competition.   Riders came from Clare, Burra, and all over town.  It was an excellent turnout. 

Our riders represented the school and tried to win ribbons by riding their ponies and following patterns. All of our riders were really good and improved from last year and got a lot of ribbons. 

Everyone from Immanuel had a very positive attitude and tried their hardest even when the ponies weren’t behaving. 

Immanuel received second place in the grand parade at lunch and all our riders were in the Topsy Ring.

We also had some students attend as non-riders  (Aimee, Chloe and Emilie) who did a great job helping on the day.  We hope they can participate next year.   

We want to thank Mrs Roberts and Mrs Parish for making the day happen and all of the parents who took time out of their day to take us and our ponies to the event and for braiding the ponies up.

Thanks everyone - staff, parents and our riders:  

                 Angus, Ella , Ellie D, Ellie M, Eliza, Jedison, Keira, Lily, Makaydee


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