Canned Food Collection drive

  • Without doubt the current demand for charity services to support vulnerable people within our wider community is extremely high.   And as a school community we are reaching out to those in need by supporting Lutheran Community Care’s Winter Appeal. We invite families to donate cans of food (non-perishables also encouraged) in a good old fashion ‘Can Drive’.
  • Generous donations have been coming in already and we hope more momentum gathers during the week as we intend on handing over all our donations by the end of Week 3.
  • Your small contribution makes a difference and together we all make a massive difference!    

The race is on to see what School House Team Group can donate the most!  Head to the Taikondi to see how much is there already!

House team captains will present their cans creatively on Friday and will proudly hand them over to LCC at Assembly on Monday 10 August. 

Great work everyone!  

Immanuel Lutheran College
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