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Community Connect

The Town of Gawler has implemented a new program called Community Connect, aimed at providing information and connection to Gawler residents, in particular to elderly and vulnerable members of the community who may find themselves socially disconnected during the COVID-19 crisis.

The new Community Connect Newsletter is one of the ways that Council is providing information to community members. You can view the Newsletter here

The Newsletter: 

  • explains the restrictions
  • highlights what some community groups are up to
  • provides an update from Council’s Environmental Health Officers; and
  • provides information about rates, Council’s Home Assist program, the Community Connect program, the Library and more.

If you, or someone you know, requires information or practical assistance, contact the Community Connect program on 8522 9295, email or go to


Ebony Steadman  I  Youth Development Officer
TOWN OF GAWLER I PO Box 130 Gawler SA 5118
Ph 8522 9295  l  Fax 8522 9212  l  Mobile 0499 800 805

Posted Friday 10 May 2020 

 Immanuel Gawler & Zion Preschool 2018

Student Wellbeing - Beyond Blue

Whilst most children are resilient and seem to be demonstrating a remarkable capacity to manage during this challenging time, others are not faring as well. Some are experiencing a variety of emotions ranging from fear to anxiety, all of which are considered normal or natural responses to this current situation.

However despite this, it is still important for adult carers to remain vigilant for any signs of unusual distress or behaviour, even though your child may not have any prior history of a mental health disorder. For advice on how to talk to your child about the pandemic please see this link from Beyond Blue:

It was estimated that one in seven Australasian children experienced a mental health issue before the Coronavirus pandemic, therefore early intervention, diagnosis and treatment is even more important now. In the current climate, one useful thing you can do is help your child focus on the things that they can control –– such as their learning, diet, exercise and sleep.

If you do have any concerns relating to your child’s mental health, you may wish to consider using the assessment tool provided by Beyond Blue. The checklist aims to measure a broad range of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties your child may be experiencing and is suitable for kids from 4 years of age.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school and seek medical or professional help.

If you are at home, and your child has sensory needs, the following link may provide some practical ideas to support your child.

Kind regards,

Gail Darby 
Learning Support Teacher 



Term 2 Update

Attached is a letter from the Principal with an update about Term 2 progress, and details about a 2nd survey which we ask parents to complete ASAP.  

Uploaded Weds 29 April 2020

A message from Mr Boesch

Mr Boesch has just uploaded some things to think about when teachers are putting tasks together.  Maybe worth a look.  

Andrew Boesch   (Curriculum Coordinator)
Uploaded Thursday 2-4-2020

School Holiday Period – Tuesday 14 to Friday 24 April


  • Please understand that it is a very dynamic and changing environment however:
  • We will plan/hope to offer iGOSH to families who cannot work from home due to their involvement in essential services.   No other student can attend.
  • Please register via code number KTQQ3 by 2pm Thursday 2nd April. 
  • The 2 week schedule is on our website at this link
  • All excursions have been cancelled and there will be no external visitors / groups on site.   
  • No food will be catered for except for the snack and fruit each afternoon.  Therefore families will need to provide recess and lunch. 
  • Confirmation of your booking will go home Friday 3 April to families (who are essential service workers) who have booked the use of Vac Care.
  • For families who do not work in essential services and have already booked for the School Holiday Vac Care, will need to cancel their bookings ASAP (before Thursday 2 April).
 Immanuel Gawler & Zion Preschool 2018

Learning at Home

Attached is information regarding 
‘Learning at Home’ opportunities for students at Immanuel
Uploaded Friday 20-3-2020

 Immanuel Gawler & Zion Preschool 2018

Continued Learning between School and Home

The South Australian government has launched a new website Our Learning SA .
The site provides learning materials and activities across all learning areas in the Early Years Framework and the Australian Curriculum. There are materials that are appropriate for families as well as resources that are more targeted towards teachers.

The new easy-to-use website supports:

  • continued learning between school and home
  • students with opportunities to work independently
  • parents and caregivers with resources and guidance to support learning at home
  • teachers with resources to support them teaching the curriculum.

This link is from the NSW Goverment with some Learning from Home ideas.

Tips on talking to children about Corona Virus

The links below provide some useful information for families and students.

Autism and the Corona virus: 20 tips

Social Story by Carol Gray: Pandemics and the Coronavirus
Social Story by Dr Siobhan Timmins: Learning about the Corona Virus

Social story to support explaining coronavirus and one to explain school closures and coronavirus if this occurs.

Beyond Blue - Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.:

Information about Coronavirus and hygiene practices

Corona Virus – Understandably parents have many questions at this time. So do we and it’s very complex as the landscape is constantly changing and evolving. But there are some very simple messages that need to be reiterated and followed:

  • If you or your child/ren are sick and show any of the symptoms of Corona Virus you must stay away from school.
    • The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other colds and flus and include:
      • Fever
      • Sore throat
      • Cough
      • Fatigue
      • Difficulty breathing
  • While coronavirus is of concern, it is important to remember that most people displaying these symptoms are likely suffering with a cold or other respiratory illness – not coronavirus.
  • Practising good hand washing and sneeze/cough hygiene and keeping your distance from others when you are sick is the best defence against most viruses. Importantly:
  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.
  • Covering cough and sneeze.
    (We are reiterating this message at school.)
  • We will be following the advice given to us by the relevant authorities and do our very best to keep up with the instructions as they come. It’s important to understand that the messaging/dialogue that people will hear in the media may not be the same as the advice that is directly sent to us via SA Health, DECD, AISSA and LESNW.
  • Events / Excursions etc – like most schools we have a number of events coming up.  It’s likely that many of these events will not be able to go ahead and some of these decisions will be made for us, not by us. We will give as much warning as we can if events are going to be cancelled / postponed. Normal school operations will continue and we will make ‘case by case’ decisions on co-curricular events as they draw near.
  • We are working on some plans to support families/children who need to stay away from school via an online platform. This will take a little while to develop, but we will keep families informed as things develop.
  • Please feel free to contact Daryl if you have any matters you wish to discuss.

You can access further information through Australian Government advice at

The above information was uploaded to this site Monday 16 March 2020 

Click the READ box below to go to the South Australian COVID-19 dashboard and daily update 

 Immanuel Gawler & Zion Preschool 2018

COVID-19 Infection Control Training

The link below goes to a short online course that families might find useful regarding health and hygiene precautions in the current environment.  

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