Volunteer Training

Wednesday 12 February 2019

2 Session times offered

2.30pm or 6.30pm

In the staffroom

We really appreciate parents and caregivers helping at Immanuel, however people who volunteer in a school need to have completed ‘Valuing Safe Communities’ training and have a current police check. 

Both of these have a life span of three years.     Therefore it is possible that  many of our parents will need to redo this training as it maybe 3 years ago (in 2016) when you last attended a session. 

Valuing Safe Communities’ training, will be offered on site (in the staffroom) in week three each term.   

Police Checks – can be obtained by completing the SAPOL application form and taking to the police station for stamping. 

There is no charge if you are volunteering in a school.  Just tick the VOAN box and return the form to the school office for authorising and forwarding to SAPOL Adelaide for processing. 

When volunteering at school, please remember to sign in at the front office and collect your name badges to wear so that our Registered Volunteers can be recognised when working with children. 


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