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All children attending the school are required to wear the official school uniform.

Uniform items need to be purchased from our Uniform Shop (via the front office) unless otherwise indicated.

Children are expected to be well groomed and in correct uniform.

Summer Uniform is to be worn in Term 1 and Term 4.

Winter Uniform is to be worn in Term 2 and 3.

There is a 2 week changeover period at the start of Term 2 and at the start of Term 4 should the weather be unseasonal.

If for any reason your child is not wearing the correct uniform a note should be directed to the child’s teacher


Uniform for Foundation / Year 1 students

Children in Foundation and Year One are only to wear a sport uniform.   

This policy was introduced at the beginning of 2015 enabling an active learning program in a suitable uniform style.     



Sport Uniform

Sport uniform and sneakers are worn for the whole day as needed.  Children may choose to wear the shorts or long pants during winter.

For the sake of your child’s feet please purchase sports shoes with proper support.

Dress, skate style or volley shoes are not recommended.

Logos & bright colours are discouraged.

Teachers will advise at our information night on the days for wearing the sports uniform.



Hair is to be neat and natural in colour and style, and is not to attract undue attention.

Hair should be tied back if it is longer than the shoulders.

Hair ties - please wear uniform colour (blue or green) or black, white or brown or the school uniform scrunchies.



One pair only of plain studs or sleepers (plain gold or silver) are to be worn.

Sparkles and extra ‘bling’ effects are not acceptable.

Necklace may be plain chain and cross.

A watch may be worn.

No rings.

No makeup or nail polish is to be worn.


School Camp Clothing

Clothing for school camps shall be sport uniform or casual clothes of the same style.


Winter Jackets

Rainproof jackets as part of the uniform.


Art Smocks

Art smocks are to be worn as part of the uniform to protect uniform from spoilage during art etc.



Hats do need to be replaced from time to time as they show wear.



Black cancer council sunglasses “Balino School sunglasses 980” (unless prescription sunglasses are required)


Labelling Personal Belongings

Parents are urged to clearly label property belonging to their children (eg clothing, hats, shoes, lunchboxes, water bottles, pencil cases, school bags etc).

Green jumpers, sports rugby tops and hats are the most common clothing items which can go missing.   Please label with first name and surname.

Our lost property basket is kept in the front office.   Please check there if items are missing.


Keeping your Uniform Clean

Care is taken by teachers to ensure children wear painting aprons or smocks and are taught to be careful when using paints.  However accidents do happen.  Crayola or OfficeMax brand paints are used.

Laundering Instructions on their packaging are:

Remove from skin with soap and water,

Normal laundering removes stains from cotton, polyester, acrylic and nylon fabrics and their blends.  For best results – Do not use pre-wash or chlorine bleach and wash immediately in hot wash cycle.



Girls:   Supportive sports shoes with white socks  (anklet or ankle height)

            Black lace up shoes or girl buckle style with white socks (ankle height)

            Brown or Black Sandals  (Summer Term 1 and 4 only)

Boys:  Supportive Sports shoes with white socks  (anklet or ankle height)

            Black lace up shoes or Velcro style with grey socks (ankle height)

            Brown or Black Sandals  (Summer Term 1 and 4 only)


After discussion with some staff and parents we have introduced a repository of second hand uniforms.    This stall will be manned by a small parent group and be displayed in the store room adjacent to the Junior Primary courtyard area and will be open a couple of times each week.

If you have some outgrown, good quality uniform items you would like to sell please note the process below and bring them along for sale.

Process to sell second hand uniform items:

1.  Items must be clean and on a hanger and in saleable condition
(ie Good quality, no holes, minor fading items are preferred)
2.   The items cannot be sold for more than half the original price
3.   The attached form must be completed with all details - secured to an envelope and then pinned to the garment.
4.   Once the item has sold the money will be placed inside the envelope and will be returned to the seller via the school office.



 Second hand uniform for sale - note for envelope.pdf

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