Specialist Areas


As well as classroom teachers, Immanuel School has a number of specialist teachers who ensure students learn from experts in each subject area.

Currently specialist teachers work with students to learn about:

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Music
  • Cultural Studies


with Teacher Mrs Charmaine Strickland


The program new this year and feedback from our students has been extremely positive.  They have really looked forward to Cultural Studies lessons and have enjoyed inquiring into different aspects of language and culture which interest them.  As well as providing this great opportunity to further develop skills in inquiry, the Cultural Studies program is helping to develop an appreciation of the world, its people and their diversity.

This is a snapshot of what our classes have been looking at:

Foundation: The Foundations have been looking at where we live and where Australia is in the world.  They are finding out about the countries that are Australia’s neighbours.  They started with China (a more distant neighbour) because they were interested in Chinese New Year.

Year 1/2: Our Year 1 and 2 classes are focusing on Asian Studies and they began by looking at where Asia is in the world and its significance in the world.  They are finding out about Japan and they have looked at how Japanese language is made up of Ramaji (words) and Kanji (symbols).

Year 3: The Year 3 classes have been looking at indigenous Australia, specifically the Kaurna people and the Kaurna language.

Year 4/5: The Year 4/5s are focusing on European Studies, beginning with German.  They have been finding out about where Germany is in the world, Germany’s neighbours and language used in greetings and introductions.

Year 6/7: Our Year 6/7 students are on an adventure, choosing a culture to find out about and a language to learn.  They are putting together a survival guide, with important information on their chosen country.  They are also learning to speak the language and finding out how to deal with different situations – beginning with meeting people and introducing yourself.

Some of our Year 6/7 students spoke to us about their experiences with Cultural Studies:

“At the start of the year we got to pick a language we wanted to learn.  We’re learning French.  We’ve learned greetings and how to introduce ourselves.  It’s challenging because there are a lot of silent letters.”    Jessie and Madison

“Cultural Studies is a bit different but I’m enjoying it.  I’m learning German.”   Ben

“I’m learning Japanese because I like finding out about their legends.”  Yyork

“I’m learning Greek and I’ve been enjoying it.  It’s a challenge to write it because the letters are different to ours.”    Emilia


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