Children are involved in school and community projects, raising their awareness of local and global environmental responsibilities.

  • tree panting
  • garden design
  • composting
  • recycling
  • sustainability


The thread of sustainability is being carefully woven throughout our programs.

Children work toward minimising the waste at school, recycling and composting wherever appropriate.

Water wise plans are used when redeveloping the landscape and playground areas. It is great to see this behaviour mirrored in small ways in student behaviours such as reception children tipping any water play waste onto their garden pot.

Items purchased by the school are from recycled materials whenever practicable. An old bath tub is part of the composting garden and new park seats are made from recycled plastic.

This year our administration is working toward being paper free. Although technically difficult to achieve, the goal is a very worthwhile challenge. Most families are receiving their newsletters via email link. School curriculum and classroom and parent handbooks are all available on our website.

Student leadership has a leader for sustainability who works to encourage and educate the student body as well as receive their good ideas for discussion and action.

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